Amber Beats Fatigue & Loses 25 Pounds With Training & Diet

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Amber's Success Story

Though Amber had always been extremely active, she found herself at 23 feeling tired, constantly out of breath, and uncomfortable jiggling when her body moved. She attributes her weight gain from having two children 13 months apart with her highest weight after her last pregnancy being 145 pounds on a 5 foot frame.

Because Amber was able to do so much for herself before gaining the weight, she became helpless afterwards. She was once use to moving furniture around with no problem and even chashed down stray dogs. With the weight gain, she got winded easily just walking up the stairs. She even had to have her husband carry the laundry up the stairs because it hurt her back. With little clothing selection, she felt frustrated as she tried to hide her tummy because she still looked pregnant. It was a scary thought to think she might not lose that tummy as her mom never did after giving birth to her 25 years prior.

Goals Created... When her son was 8 months old, Amber realized she needed to take steps to help herself. She wanted to get back to her weight and health prior to her pregnancies. Her goal was to be at that pre-pregnancy weight of 120 pounds by her son's first birthday. Missing the cute wardrobe she once had, she was determined to be able to dress cute again. Not only that, she was fixed on having energy to chase her kids and go on adventures. She ultimately wanted to be proud of her accomplishments.

Support & Determination... With the gift of an elliptical, Amber received the initial support she needed from her husband to lose weight and get back to being healthy. He also bought her a scale to measure her progress. Amber dedicated just about everyday to some time using the elliptical. Later, she added more variety to her workouts which included some weight training and kickboxing which is her absolute favorite workout. She also found support through other means. Reading fitness magazines kept her mind on fitness. An online support group that I moderated also helped her to stay focused. She also received encouragement and motivation through acquaintances, and sometimes strangers, with compliments.

Goal Reached... After several months, Amber finally reached her goal of 120 pounds. She even beat her goal date which was her son's first birthday. Being down 3 dress sizes, she is able to wear some of those cute dresses, jeans, and tops that she did prior to putting on the pounds.

New Determination... Now that Amber's goals have been reached, she is striving to become an athlete. Her new determination is to participate in marathons!

A Word From Amber...

"You have to do this for YOURSELF! You have to love yourself and know this is good for you. There may be times you have better support than others. Yet, surely there will be times that only you can make yourself get out of bed and do your workout, or only you can stop eating when you are full. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and look your best!"


Amber Before


Amber After