Amazing Body Transformation

Submitted by: Curtis Fisher

David's Success Story

David approached me about personal training and seemed serious about getting into shape. We began working together and he previously had knee surgery. So there were a couple of obstacles in his way. One was losing weight and the other one was knee pain even after his surgery. So we concentrated on keeping David dynamic using his body mostly instead of weights during our session 5 days a week.

After a couple of months, David lost significant weight, losing over 30 pounds and lessening his knee pain as well as improving his squatting ability. After the third month, David not only had lost a lot of weight but was beginning to gain a lot of lean muscle and definition. So we decided to really push his training and diet to the limit. By the fifth month, David had lost over 60 pounds, went from a 38 inch waist to a 28 inch waist and was barely recognizable except for the tattoo on his shoulder.


David Before


David After