Amanda's Story

Submitted by: Alana Thomas

Amanda's Success Story

Amanda's Story

My name is Amanda and I have been training with Alana for over two years.

My motivation for seeking out a trainer was to generally improve my overall fitness and strength and specifically to combat severe back pain, which I had experienced for many years. I chose Alana because her profile made reference to her experience in training women and her understanding of the health challenges we face as we grow older.

My first impression of this fresh-faced girl was that she looked even younger than her photograph but in no time I knew that I had found the perfect trainer. Along with her experience and credentials, Alana has a natural gift for communication that is so important for a trainer working with a client. A master of gentle persuasion, she has enticed another few repetitions from me when I thought I had no more to give. She has changed my aging body from a hunched, shapeless lump into a strong, fit and shapely form. I have more energy than ever and my overall health has improved dramatically. Not to mention I now have a bum in jeans!

Whenever I am asked about the benefits of having a trainer I say it’s the best investment I have ever made. But without Alana’s skill and ability to keep exercises fresh, challenging and interesting, I may not have lasted the distance or maintained the enthusiasm I needed to reach my goals. Alana is remarkable and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a personal trainer.