Alyssa Starr..AKA Future STAR of ABC's new daytime show "The Revolution"

Submitted by: Rachel Koester

Alyssa's Success Story

Before Pic: 11/10/11
After Pic: 1/14/12

2/29/12: Although Alyssa has not been selected for ABC's "The Revolution" yet, her weight loss journey is still continuing. Since November, Alyssa has lost 35LBS, and has signed up for several 5K races, and a HALF MARATHON!! Alongside long work hours, Alyssa is a head chef at one of our top local restaurants, Great Basin Brewery. She no longer snacks on cheese and bacon in the kitchen, she specially makes her own lunch and snacks at work.

She's come along way from saying "'YOU'RE KILLING ME!" during our sessions. HA HA!! I couldn't be more proud of her!!


Alyssa Before


Alyssa After