All in the Family

Submitted by: Jackie Brand

Cheri and Norm's Success Story

I had been a couch potato most of my life and I was always the biggest in my family. I have tried losing weight in the past, but of course it came back. My blood pressure was on the high end of normal and I was on medicine to keep it in check.

In May, 2007 my wife Cherie joined NPAC to lose weight and get healthier and wanted me to join as well. Of course I avoided it and eventually decided to give it a try and joined at the end of May. Cherie had already started training with Jackie and wanted me to do so as well. I began to follow Jackie’s exercise plan as she gently guided me towards journaling what I eat. After a few months and 10 pounds less, I decided to get serious about my eating habits joined Weight Watchers online and began to track all that I ate. Once I started to do this, my weight started dropping and I gained more energy in my everyday life. Each step of this journey was filled with encouragement by my family, friends and Jackie. As more of my weight came off, Jackie gave me more challenges. First it was the elliptical. At the beginning I could go about 2-3 minutes before I thought my legs would give out. After about 1 month, I was up to 45 minutes, increasing the resistance every week. My speed on treadmill increased as well. Jackie’s goal for me was to get on Jacob’s Ladder and be able to do it for 30 minutes. Of course I thought she was crazy and said I don’t think I can ever do that. To prepare for this challenge, I started on the StairMaster starting at 5 minutes to start with and working up to 40 minutes. It was at this time Jackie had me try the ladder and I did it!

It is now September 2009, I have lost 95 pounds so far and am maintaining at this weight. My friends and family hardly recognize me when they see me and I have one friend who has started calling me Slim. I wouldn’t always respond, because who would have thought someone would call me that?; but I have gotten used to it now. My newest activity is cycling. I hadn’t ridden a bike in 20+ years and have started again. While I won’t be in the Tour de France, you may see me going up and over Wendy Drive or other hills around town.

All of this would not have happened without the love and support of my wife, my kids, my friends and my trainer, Jackie.


Cheri and Norm Before


Cheri and Norm After