All About Adaptation & Progression

Submitted by: Everett Ketelhut

Mike's Success Story

Here are the results for Mike after 2 months. Performance wise he killed it, like night and day. He beat his numbers for the switchback assessment for all exercises and totally blew it out of the water on the "Killer 5" assessment consisting of 4 exercises, 5 reps each in which he tries to complete as many rotations as possible in 20 minutes. For his pre-assessment he only had the capacity for 5 rotations. Today, after 2 months (24 sessions) he now performed an outstanding 21 rotations!!! The amazing human machine doing it's work again :) In terms of body composition Mike lost 1.75 inches of his waist, 3 inches off his hips. He gained 1/2 inch on each arm and 1/2 inch on each leg!! Great work by Mike in 2 months. He is now continuing on with his new lifestyle using the Factory's regular program!! Awesome stuff!