"Aha" Moment

Submitted by: Marianne King

Lisa's Success Story

You always hear about the "aha" moment or pivotal decision one makes before embarking on a new journey or path, I was your typical cliche. Christmas had ended and like so many others, I know I over indulged on cookies, cocktails and merriment. Also, our family was making some life changes that really emphasized how important it was for me to get healthy.

I think the single factor that really hit home was having someone very close to me make a statement and it wasn't directed at me but I heard it and took it to heart. We love the show Mike and Molly. It is a highlight on Monday evenings to watch and get a good laugh to get you to Tuesday. We were talking about the show and a family member had never seen it because her husband refused to watch it because the main characters are fat. Wow, I thought. If his decision to not watch a great show was because they were fat, then how does he see me?

About a year ago, I started a new job and the opportunity to have all screenings done and receive $100.00. I am pretty good about knowing my numbers but this was a great way to start the year. Well, was I shocked. My weight had skyrocketed, my cholesterol was borderline dangerous and my blood pressure was way out of whack. Now, I knew I had to get serious. Not like I had in the past but honest to goodness lifestyle changes.

So, all the previous times I began a program, I was with other people. This time, I embarked on my own and knew it was up to me to make it happen. I knew my eating wasn't bad food, but just too much food. I was eating about 2400 calories a day. Too much bread, refined sugar and dairy. I realized, that eating natural foods, reducing my portions and moving was the best bet. I have done weight watchers and Atkins and Sugar busters so I know the routines. I started going to Marianne's classes again because I knew I needed the extra kick to keep me motivated. Marianne is an excellent motivator. No matter what size or shape you are in, she is awesome at helping you to get moving.

The weight loss was a little slow to start but after about 3 weeks of eating brocoli every day, less bread, no sugar, unless God made it and water, lots of water, the pounds began to fall off. about two months into the program, I decided I wasn't seeing the results I wanted so I added a 3.5 mile walk 6 days a week. Rain or shine, light or dark, my family and I make the journey through town. With Marianne's lunch fitness classes and the extra walking, my shape, started to take shape. Everything has improved, my size, wardrobe, my attitude, my stress level and my skin. I have had bad skin since infancy. Though this process, 43 years later, I truly believe all my skin issues were due to milk and dairy. I wake up and somedays, skip the foundation and feel so much better about my skin. It is amazing, humans are the only mammals on the planet that continue to drink milk past infancy. I believe there is something to this and really loved milk but like clear skin better.

Think about the food you "say" you can't live without and compare to the quality of life you can have and see what makes more sense. I love peanut butter, but having good cholesterol is better. I love pizza but shopping for "normal" sizes without Xs and W attached to the size is better. I love bake goods, but not taking insulin for Diabetes is so much better! See, the pluses of quality of life vs. great food are insurmountable. I do treat myself. I do have something when I want it but now, I take 1/4 of what I used to and feel satisfied. To date, I have lost 32 lbs and have a goal of 30 more. I know it isn't going to be easy but being healthy is too important not to do it. I take no medications, sleep so much better at night and am a much happier person to live with.


Lisa Fitz
Project Manager
MIS Electronic Funds & Processing
PNC Bank