AFC Runners Couch-to-5k Program

Submitted by: Gary Hendri

New Runner's Success Story

In March of 2013, AFC took a group of new runners, ages 26 through 70+, through a 10 week couch-to-5k program. Our runners met twice a week for group runs and also trained on their own. Over the 10 weeks, we gradually increased their mileage, coached them, and held workshops on nutrition, stretching, injury prevention, and strength training.

At the end of the program in May, participants ran a local 5k race, many of them running their first race. All of them successfully finished in faster times than expected. One new runner came in third in her age group and another came in second in hers. All had a great time and plan to keep running. Many will be joining the fall program that will start in August.

"After" photo supplied by Joan Ford Photography.


New Runner Before


New Runner After