ADHD, Stomach Aches, Chronic Cough – 10 Years Old

Submitted by: Jeff Evenson

Jayden's Success Story

My son is 10 years old and in 4th grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade and has suffered from stomach aches after eating and a chronic cough that never seems to go away. I did use various medications through the years but nothing really seemed to help and they all had side effects he didn’t like. One doctor even wanted to do exploratory surgery for a hernia they thought was causing his stomach aches, but it didn’t feel right so I said no. So I found Jeff and hoped he could help.
HOW IS IT NOW: The first thing we learned is Jayden is allergic to refined sugar, wheat and gluten and we needed to make some diet changes. After a few weeks of eating differently I was amazed to see his ADHD and stomach aches are gone! He just celebrated his 10th birthday and this was the first year he didn’t get sick, Jayden and I came to the conclusion he gets sick from eating sugary foods all month,(his b-day is October 28th) and he ends up with a fever and flu-like symptoms when it becomes to much. Jayden is enrolled in a Public Home School Program and the improvements blew me and his teacher away. He can sit and work independently for the first time, he can focus much easier so learning new subjects come very easy now. His teacher was very impressed and said “Whatever your doing is working so keep at it. Jeff has also helped Jayden to learn to make good food choices on his own and to see the difference it makes on his body. I’m proud to say he eats healthy foods because he wants to not because his mother leaves him no choice.