Addicted to Zumba

Submitted by: Christi MacNee

Amy K.'s Success Story

"I started Zumba classes a little more than two months ago and now I am definitely addicted to it! Since starting I have lost 15 pounds (down from 144 lbs to 129 lbs) and I have noticed my whole body changing. My arms and legs are more toned and defined! I used to wear a size 10 and now I am a size 2/4! The classes are rewarding, fun, and energizing. I love going to different classes throughout the week because all the enthusiastic instructors have their own unique style, way of teaching, and musical tastes! I have been telling everyone I know to join the dance party! I love Zumba and can't get enough of the dancing, sweating fun!"


Amy K. Before


Amy K. After