Achieved Weight Loss Goal at 70!

Submitted by: Laura Alvarado

Jane's Success Story

Working with my Personal Trainer, Laura Guest, has made all the difference in reaching my fitness goals. After many years working behind a desk at a high stress high-tech job, I found myself quite unfit, dangerously overweight and, in general, feeling lousy.

I needed to do SOMETHING. Since the begining, Laura has kept me focused, motivated and committed to reaching my goal. She has designed workouts that have rebuilt my core strength, greatly improved my balance and have reshaped my entire body. In addition, she has made it easy to stay focused on eating a balanced diet.

My training sessions with Laura, while serious and challenging, are also fun. She is great to work with. Today, with a body 40 pounds lighter and clothing 4 sizes smaller, I consider it a tribute to Laura and her dedication to helping clients reach their the goals. The best part is that my energy is back and I feel great!

Thank you, Coach Laura!


Jane Before


Jane After