Accountability, Support, Compassion and Personal Guidance

Tamara's Success Story

"When I turned 40 three years ago, I invested in Northwest Personal Training as a catalyst to re-motivate me to take care of myself. After the first year I found my lifestyle changing so that I was working out more in a week than going out for dinner and drinks. The next year I completed the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride Challenge. And just recently, after my 3rd year at Northwest Personal Training, I have managed to lose that impossible 10 pounds, one pant size and participated in my first Triathlon. I finished 12th out of 20 women in my age division!

The accountability, support, compassion, and personal guidance is what I count on and have come to appreciate every day. And yeah, they do try to make my workouts ‘fun’! I recommend Northwest Personal Training to anyone searching for results."


Tamara After