a year in the making:)

Submitted by: Luis Cornier

Anne G.'s Success Story

Anne is a member of CLAY a boutique fitness facility and spa in NEW YORK city. She has been training with me for close to two years now. From what I gather Anne is a social fixture in the fashion community. Being a true fashionista and being married to the President of a high end fashion company required Anne to be "seen". If it wasn't a night out at the MET it was sitting front row at VERA WANG for fashion week. Let's just say all eyes were on her!

She made a decision to have another child with her now ex-husband. This wasn't going to be easy. Let's just say she exhausted all resources and the end result had Anne gaining an exceptional amount of weight. She took a choke hold with her fitness and wellness and employed what I call an Olympic team to help her with her goals. When I got involved she was extremely focused and eager to not just lose the weight but she wanted to be a lean mean fighting machine.

Our regimen had us employing Muay Thai boxing - Kettle Bell Training - Plyometrics - Resistance Training. We met two to three times a week and I kept in contact with her physicians, pilates instructor, and nutritionist.

A year came and went and it seemed week to week and month to month she changed. Her strength increased! Her endurance improved! Her overall fitness level was elevated to the tenth power.

We are both very proud of our accomplishment and we still hit it up to twice a week. We have set new goals and aspire to take her body to another level real soon.

The amazing transformation for Anne was also documented in the March issue of "Harper's Bazaar".

I am especially proud of that because I am in the final photo with her:)

Yours in wellness,

Lou Cornier
Master Trainer


Anne G. Before


Anne G. After