A worthwhile investment in your health

Submitted by: Alita Brown

Scott's Success Story

joined Fitness Together (FT) reluctantly. My wife was already a member and she kept bugging me to stop by and at least do the free fitness assessment and talk to the trainers. I have access to a relatively inexpensive gym at work and just didn't see the point of this. "I can train myself," I thought. But I went for the assessment and signed up for 10 Saturday sessions. It was winter and I figured it would force me to get my lazy butt out of the house and go do something constructive.

But after the first couple of sessions, I realized I wasn't working myself that hard at my gym. The FT trainers kept pushing me. I remember thinking at the time: "You want me do what! You want me to do it how many times! Are you crazy! I can't do that!!!" But then I'd do it and feel rather proud of myself.

And I started feeling a difference.

So I upped my sessions from once a week to three times a week. The 45-minute sessions are usually a mix of cardio, legs, core and upper body. While they have weight machines, I've had sessions where we didn't touch those but would do classic exercises -- like push ups -- at more challenging angles that really made you feel the burn. (And I have done a bazillion sit ups and crunches in various versions).

The quantifiable results speak for themselves. I've lost 12 pounds, gained muscle, take my belt in one more notch and can donate my "fat-boy" jeans to the Salvation Army. But there are certain intangibles. I walk to work and I notice my posture has gotten better. My balance is better. I just feel better overall. And it made me realize that certain routines the trainers came up with that seemed kind've stupid at the time -- like doing arm curls while balancing on a bosu ball -- had real value and I would never have done those at my gym. Or even thought of them.

The trainers are a big part of this and, while there have been comings and goings among the staff since I joined, all of them work together to keep it interesting. I have rarely had the same routine twice in a row. And recently FT clients and a couple of the trainers -- Garet and Katya -- all got together on H Street to watch the World Cup final match -- I had a good time but GOD, soccer is boring -- so there's even a chance to make new friends.

All in all a worthwhile investment in your health.