A wonderful client

Submitted by: Brendalynn Eustice

Stephanie's Success Story

I just wanted to share with you both that it was my goal to reach the weight goal my doctor wanted to see me at by the end of this session and today the scale read that GOAL!! 60lbs! Whoo hoo!

Anything I continue to lose now is just a bonus...and Zumba/HipHop is no longer exercise; just flat out fun I cannot live without.

I know I have said it to you both before but I am so so grateful for you leadership, your example, your motivation and encouragement and most importantly, your friendship.

I remember watching you both at FitZone forever, wishing I had the confidence and courage to get out there and even simply try. Aimee, our first meeting was huge for me and made all the difference. Then, hearing your story BL, made me believe "it was possible". I know with every fiber of my being, I would not be here today had it not been for the two of you...because I had tried everything!

The all-around transformation you two have helped me bring about in the past 5 months makes me unregconizable in so many ways...from the inside on out...to people who have known me for years and years.

Never EVER doubt the huge difference you make in so many lives...changes you are likely not even aware are happening.

With so much gratitude and all my love,