A Whole New Person

Submitted by: Bianca Calhoun

Kalonda's Success Story

I met Bianca the summer of ?08, when I was very unhappy with want I had done to my body! We talked everyday until I felt I was ready to train with her (she kind of scared me in a good way). She never push me to go beyond my abilities, instead she helped me take baby steps to get me closer to her level. Other than my Husband, she was my other half pushing me, helping me and giving me the positive words that I needed to accomplish my goal. My body started changing and my clothes were fitting lose, the results where showing BIG TIME! Even now after having my 3rd child I call on her from time to time and she makes sure I am keeping up with my workouts??I am 18lbs away from my 1st goal, the goal I set before having the baby. I feel that she was brought into my life for a reason and I fell so blessed to have such a GREAT trainer and friend!


Kalonda After