A Weight Loss Story

Submitted by: Sue Singer

JoLynn's Success Story

My name is Jo Lynn Graham. My starting weight was 173 lbs. wearing a size 16. Now I am 153 lbs. wearing a size 10 and still pressing on. My journey started about a year ago with Snap Fitness with Sue Singer as my trainer then and now. I had been struggling with my weight and diet for a long time.

I will take you back to the beginning of my journey before Snap Fitness. Over a period of 5 years I was always on the go for my family and job and not allowing any time for myself. Through the painful headaches and dizziness, I had to maneuver my entire body weight out of bed in order not to wobble and fall down due to my small body frame and short stature. I tried day after day to put it out of my head that nothing was wrong with me or my weight along with the bad eating habits (fried foods, bottle of wine daily, etc.) I tried to function in my every day life. Through all of that my body finally gave way and I passed out at work losing control of my body movement. I was then rushed to the hospital and admitted to ICU for 3 days with oxygen. My blood pressure was extremely high and the doctor’s conclusion was that I had suffered a mild stroke at the age of 40.

I then realized I wanted to live. I have a lot to offer and without the stress of everyday negativity, I wanted to feel good every day. It was not worth risking my life. So I turned my life around and started going to the gym having Sue Singer as my personal trainer. She has taught me a lot about good healthy food habits and exercise. I am glad I found a gym that gives me that one on one personal attention, a trainer who asks me the right questions, keeps a good recording history of my accomplishments and keeps me focused. Sue always takes it beyond what she teaches and keeps you informed with great informative literature about nutrition and work out news. She is truly a professional and expert in exercise techniques.

My journey has been long and hard but it was worth it. I love the way I look. My quest still continues to be just a little bit healthier and stronger everyday and I found it all at Snap Fitness in Medford.


JoLynn Before


JoLynn After