A South Hadley couple finds success!

Submitted by: Sean Maher

Julie & Gail's Success Story

"Our journey started with Sean because we had been discussing our exercise plans and how we felt we had hit a plateau. We were already successful lifetime weight watcher members but exercising had become a chore. We were lacking the skills of doing routines correctly and we did not like going to a gym. At a gym, you feel helpless and just go around and do the machines without any real knowledge of what kind of weights to use, how much weight to use and for how long. Needless to say, that didn't last long and before we knew it we were 20 pounds over weight. We knew we needed something or someone to kick our butts in gear and to help us get that spark back in our step.

We saw an article in the Town Reminder spotlighting Sean and his business, Maher's Mobile Personal Training. We liked the idea of working out in the convenience of our home. Plus the thought of having someone with us to watch and guide our movements and to keep us safe was a BIG plus. So we called and set up a meeting with Sean. He is very knowledgeable, personable and was very thorough in our medical histories, i.e old injuries, asking lots of questions about our exercise routines and what we expected from him. He customizes everything to you. He will suggest nutrition ideas, food journals, workout journals, anything that will help you to be successful in your goals.

Sean kept the discussion realistic and was really confident that he could make this work and help us be successful, and it's been an amazing 12 weeks. We look forward to our workouts with Sean and he knows how to get that little extra out of us. This has been SO much better than a gym."


Julie & Gail Before


Julie & Gail After