A Robin-Friendly training program

Submitted by: Addie Kelzer

Robin's Success Story

When Robin came to me she had simple requests. She wanted to workout in a non-intimidating environment with a trainer she felt comfortable with. She hadn't had a regular fitness routine in several decades and was worried about heading into her 50's with insufficient muscle mass. She was having difficulty with simple daily tasks like balancing on one leg to put on her socks. I started Robin with 30 minute workouts, 1 day per week where we challenged the strength of her major muscle groups, her coordination and her balance. She lived in a high rise apartment building in St. Paul and the on-site gym was quiet and convenient. She made many advances in our 6 months together including being able to balance while putting on her socks! Her other fitness achievements included increasing her pushups from 5 to 23, increasing her wallsit time from 1:14 to 2:08, and more than doubled her plank hold time to 2:35. Outstanding!


Robin After