A positive influence and friend

Submitted by: Kelli Simels

Beth's Success Story

There are many things in life that you do and wonder if it will be worth it. I worked with Kelli for about a year and a half and having her in my life was one of the best things I could have done. Kelli truly is amazing. When I was training with Kelli her entire focus was on me. She made me feel as though my time and progress was valuable to her. When I felt that I could not do a workout anymore she would always have something positive to say to encourage me to keep going. She helped to strengthen me physically, mentally and emotionally. I did not know how to swim before I started training with her and she helped me overcome my fear of the water and as a result I became more confident in my skills. I would recommend Kelli to anyone who needs that extra push to get where they want to get physically. She has a positive personality and really cares about helping people meet their fitness goals. She not only was my personal trainer but in the process became a close friend.