A personal accomplishment

Submitted by: Tim Bradbury

Yours truly's Success Story

In 2010, I was doing stability push-ups on two medicine balls and I extended too low and pulled the medial supraspinatus in my right shoulder. After resting for three weeks and doing the appropriate measures, I decided to go see a doctor as it wasn't getting better. They conducted x-rays and told me to continue resting it, which I did, but it only got worse. It got so bad that I could not even hold it on top of my steering wheel while driving for more than a minute without severe tingling and tiredness in my shoulder. I gave it more rest and eventually I was able to start doing exercises again, but not to the full capability that I had previously been able to do. In summer 2012, I did more research while studying for my NASM certified personal trainer exam and decided to do light swimming and light resistance training and stabilization routine. By November 2012, my shoulder was practically brand-new again, and I was lifting to full capacity! I highly recommend swimming as it is true rehabilitating exercise!