A Pain Free Body After A Scoliosis Diagnosis

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Jeannie W.'s Success Story

My high school daughter Meghan is a dancer who has always been involved in many competitive sports despite having scoliosis. We had her condition closely monitored by her pediatricians and were told the only intervention for it would be a back brace if the curvature reached 19 degrees. Annual X-rays showed the curvature in her back stopped at 13 degrees and she had visibly turned and sloped shoulders by the time she was done growing.

Meghan had a serious foot injury for which we had seen several top specialists who tried every procedure, treatment and therapy they knew of and each then referred her to someone else to try to resolve her constant chronic pain. We were basically told after a year-and-a-half she would have to live with it and take medication to control the pain. For the first time in our lives we turned to "alternative" therapies.

She had significant reduction in the pain in her foot through chiropractors with acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and myofacial release massage. She still had pain aggravated by bones which slipped out of place in her back and foot, and was having to receive chiropractic adjustments every couple of weeks.

We came to Pilates Integration, because we had heard Pilates was a great way for dancers to support their bodies, and become stronger, less injury prone athletes. Since Meghan was determined to dance despite it aggravating her condition, we wanted to do whatever we could to help her do this in the most healthy way possible. We decided to give Pilates a try.

After a couple of sessions with Deb she told us she was not positive, but after evaluating Meghan she felt she could help her straighten her back. She asked if Meghan's scoliosis was muscular or skeletal. I replied I had never heard of different kinds, I was told by her doctors that scoliosis was growth related and would stabilize when Meghan stopped growing. Deb explained she thought Meghan had a condition called hypermobility which could cause muscular scoliosis. I really was unsure of what to think, but my daughter was coming away from her sessions with Deb feeling great and with a big smile. It was not why we started Pilates, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try...

I cannot say enough about how Deb has used her remarkable understanding of how the body works and Pilates to change my child's life. She has gone from having constant back pain from scoliosis to having a healthy straight back. She has gone from going to the chiropractor every two weeks to adjust her back and foot, to not going at all in almost a year. I cried when Deb had Meghan demonstrate her new ability to level off her shoulders after just three weeks of helping her to train through the arduous intricate process of learning how to use and sequence the correct muscles to support her back, foot and the rest of her body.

We had Meghan's back X-rayed after a Summer of Pilates and now she has only a 4 degree curve in her back, which does not fall in the range of a scoliosis diagnosis!

Thanks to Deb and Pilates my daughter has a healthy pain free body, something we never dreamed possible. Now if I give my daughter a back rub before she goes to bed it's just for fun and relaxation, not to help her through pain so she can fall asleep. What a strange chain of events led us to this blessing of a pain free body, something which many take for granted. Words simply cannot express the gratitude we feel for Debs caring support and guidance.

Jeannie W