A New Woman

Submitted by: Keely Grand

Colleen's Success Story

An uninspired, "stuck" post-menopasal woman transformed her life, mind & body after years of on again/off again diets and unstructured fitness regimens. Colleen had pretty much been through the ringer in one way or another, beginning from early childhood. Contrary to her past, Colleen always looks to the bright side of things and has a gift of propagating merriment to whomever she touches.

She battled breast cancer at the age of 39, back in the late 80's the word "breast" was scarcely even whispered. Despite the polite gossiping and diseased stares, she forged ahead. A hysterectomy and menopause soon followed and 10 years later a diagnosis of celiac disease was added to her profile. Most people would throw in the towel, but not her. She continued to refine her eating habits and physical activity. She has never been lazy, she just hadn't had the structure. It wasn't until this past year when a combination of readiness, the ideal doctor and an informed, compassionate personal trainer that Colleen made the transition from a Wellness Wanderer to Wellness Wonder!

Her food intake and exercise duration and intensity has all been adjusted to fit her needs. She was given the tools to succeed, but the success is all hers! Congratulations Colleen, you are a new woman!

Colleen says that she has some more weight she'd like to lose and continues to be enthralled in her new wellness routine.


Colleen Before


Colleen After