A New Me

Submitted by: Darla O'Brien

Kim Zinser's Success Story

I am Kim Zinser and I work at WQ Mag. My publisher, Wes Craven, came in my office and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted to get fit, since I had been overweight for 10 years.

To my surprise, Wes hooked me up with Darla O'Brien. Darla, owner and personal trainer at Designer Fitness, was about to change my life. At 37, 5'8", 208 lbs and size 18, I started my get fit routine. Darla first emphasized on factors to properly integrate my spine by evaluating my posture and alignment. Who would have thought posture was so important in keeping fit? Standing up straight, shoulders back, sitting properly, walking and pinching a dime between my butt "not literally", all of these are important components to getting in shape. Darla progressed my workout by adding cardio and strength training. I worked out on state-of-the-art pilates equipment. Darla also gave nutritional advice and believes that eating any food in moderation is okay. This meant no strict diets, starving myself, or giving up my favorites... just eating smarter.

My goal was to lose 50 lbs and after 4 months I lost 30 lbs. Darla's regimen is easy. You don't get exhausted or lose interest. It is consistent and designed for those with a busy lifestyle. Darla is personally committed to helping you reach your goals. Only 20 lbs to go!


Kim Zinser Before