A New Man

Submitted by: Brian Tully

Clayton's Success Story

My relationship with Brian has directly impacted my family’s quality of life. There’s really no way to put into words how much better our quality of life has become. Working in Customer Service Business Operation I recognize why Brian is so excellent in bringing out the best in people. He’s knowledgeable, flexible/creative, and approachable. He masterfully uses these skills to paint a picture that even the most ignorant person can identify with. I was exactly that in the beginning, ignorant. With analogies like “Building a fire”, “Feeding the Machine”, ““our bodies are construction sites which need materials like lumber(protein) to build“”, Brian is able to translate very complex fitness concepts in a way that meet you where you are in your Health & Wellness journey.

Before meeting Brian, I was apprehensive about getting a Personal Trainer. My concerns were that having a Personal Trainer comes along with the pressure of an overly confident person loudly pushing me beyond my limits. Someone that I would have to “dodge” in a restaurant if I wasn’t purchasing a salad. I am so glad that I ignored my preconceived notions and contacted Brian because I was completely wrong. His approach was one that ensured I understood all of the variables at play along the way. I asked a lot of question and never received a template/scripted response. Everything from Brian was tailored towards gaps in my understanding, function, and /or performance. Brian introduced me to fitness in a way that made me want to learn more and more. Eventually, I found myself researching things on my own like Micro-Nutrient density of food, non-standard Rep/Set range concepts, and literally searching for Brian to discuss the topics with. It’s been over 3 years, and I have yet to come across a topic that he wasn’t thoroughly knowledgeable on.

4 years ago, I couldn’t walk for longer than 5 minutes without experience significant back pain due to weakness in my core. Now, I work out 5 Days a week, eat clean, operate a Health & Wellness blog and run trails in my spare time. I’m regularly complimented on my transformation and I always respond with, ““ I’m just learning as much as I can. The physical results you see is simply what learning looks like...”. Brian directly taught me about fitness and indirectly taught my how to motivate others. The tools he empowered me with will absolutely continue to impact the lives of myself and everyone I come in contact with. Brian, I can’t say enough about how much your knowledge, attention, and patience has done for me. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Brian for dedicating your life to Health & Wellness. I’m a new, better, and more powerful man because of it.

And for the people who don’t care for words, here are some numbers pulled from out weekly/bi-weekly progress measurement tracker:

5’ 10” DATE Weight Lean(lbs) Fat(lbs)
Male 6/7/2010 335.8 201.82 133.98
31 yrs 10/25/2013 280 198.8 81.2
Change 3.41 Years 55.8lbs 3.02lbs 52.78lbs

We’ve done a pretty good job isolating body fat. 94% of my weight change has been body fat. Brian is the REAL DEAL! I know that the above results may not seem like much over a 3.41 year period. To that I say tell that to my cholesterol reading, resting heart rate, and 1 mile time.

If my testimonial above isn’t enough to send you running to Brian, just ask him about “Body for Life”! That should do it.

Clayton Anderson