A New Life

Submitted by: Dave Candra

Ellen's Success Story

Ellen Skibba is a client I took on in my first year of being a full time trainer. What I loved most about working with Ellen is how well she learned how to take the information that I was teaching her and put it into play in her own workouts. Even today I can walk into the Anytime Fitness in Stevens Point and see her trailing away on some full-body functional movments like; bear crawls, lunges, and even burpee pull-ups! I got to give it to her, when Ellen decided to change her life she decided to get serious about it and do it right!
I still remember the moment that I knew beyond a doubt that Ellen was going to have an awesome success. We were finishing up with the last 5 minutes of our workout and I could tell Ellen was giving it all she had, and it wasn't easy. For any of you that have ever done interval training you know what she was going through. When it came down to the last two 30-second sprints I turned up the resistance on Ellens' bike and motivated her not to stop!! Ellens' only response was "I have to finish, I gotta do it!" The rest is history.
Thank you Ellen for all your hard work and all that you have accomplished.


Ellen Before


Ellen After