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Submitted by: Jessica Daly

Toni's Success Story

One need only spend a few minutes perusing magazines in the check out line or at the hair dresser to find an abundance of stories about people changing their lives through diet and fitness. These same magazines typically contain numerous articles on how to loose weight quickly and what exercises will have you beach ready in no time. Like many of you I find these articles come up short when it comes to inspiration perhaps because the scenarios presented just seem too far from my personal experience. Recently, however, I have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand the transformation of a local woman who has taken charge of her health and fitness and in that process changed her life.

Toni Call is a Maine native who grew up in Bath and has lived in Jefferson for the past 16 years. She is 40 years old, married and has six children between the ages of 23 and 12. She works for Reny’s in their warehouse. With three children living at home, a husband and a full time job, Toni is a busy woman. I think we would all agree that fitting exercise and healthy meal preparation into her schedule would be a serious challenge.

Nonetheless last spring when a group of co-workers at Reny’s signed up for an Ocean Blue Fitness Fundraising Boot Camp to benefit Great Salt Bay School, Toni full of enthusiasm, signed up too. I met Toni at her initial fitness evaluation. She was definitely a bit nervous about the evaluation and was very candid about her lack of fitness. Toni had shed quite a few pounds during a “Biggest Looser” type competition at work the previous year but had unfortunately not kept the weight off. Toni’s fitness evaluation confirmed that she was overweight at 5’ 6” 205 pounds and unfit both in terms of her cardiovascular health and her muscular endurance.

The GSB fundraising boot camp session lasted four weeks with classes three afternoons a week and Toni never missed a day. Not only did Toni show up every day but she brought with her an enthusiasm that was contagious. She was always up for anything and cheered on her fellow boot campers as they struggled with her to complete difficult challenges. Toni’s humor has helped her as well as others get through more than a few tough workouts. She is frequently heard during a difficult exercise repeating a line from a Reny’s commercial “It’s all good.”

One of the things that distinguishes Toni is that she never makes excuses. Although like all the moms attending that camp she had children and other responsibilities that required her attention after school she never swayed in her determination to make her fitness a priority and to get to class. To this day I have never heard her blame anyone but herself if she misses a workout or falls back on unhealthy eating habits.

Toni signed up for the next boot camp session at the end of which she ran her first 5K -The Strawberry Shortcake Shuffle. Since that race Toni has been hooked and has gone on to run four others steadily improving her times. Toni continues to attend boot camp and TRX Suspension Training classes with Ocean Blue Fitness in addition to running a few times a week. At work Toni squeezes bike rides and walks in on her lunch breaks. Recently, Toni decided to reward herself with a trip to Key West, FL where she will compete in a half-marathon race. Toni has never flown in a plane before.

When people see Toni now the first thing they see is an athlete. In less than a year she has lost over 35 pounds and has dramatically improved her scores on tests of cardiovascular health and muscular fitness. These changes greatly reduce her chances of developing heart disease and cancer. Most importantly they greatly improve her chances of having a long healthy life with all the people that are counting on her. Toni has changed her life through dedication and determination and I believe that you can too.

Last year’s Ocean Blue Fitness Spring Fundraising Boot Camp raised over $1200.00 for the GSB PTO. This year’s Fundraising Boot Camp will benefit the Lincoln Academy Music Program. For more information about how you can get involved visit Oceanbluefitness.com or call 207-563-7865.


Toni Before


Toni After