A life of sitting then I met Marta....

Submitted by: marta ciocca vasino

Matt's Success Story

A decade of sitting in an office chair for 10+ hours a day molds your mind and body, full of built in auto responses to why what I'm doing is ok, getting by with coffee and fourth meal to relieve accumulated stress and reward accomplishments.

Last June, after several doctor warnings of pre-diabetic medical status and a challenge from a good friend, Wayne, to join him at a bootcamp workout, three weeks of excuses and after recovering from a cold, I dug out some extra-large sweats and a Nike Sports Camp t-shirt and showed up saying I was old (55) and fat (300 lbs) and had not worked out in many years... I can't do this, please go easy on me!

Marta made be feel at ease, even as I crawled over to the rope to get back up off the mat. She said, "Let's see what you can do", which was not much. I came back and back, turned up the music, did the exercises as best I could, worked on form, number of reps, and most of all, had fun doing it! Marta provided the format and support, very positive. What I like about primal fitness is the natural body movement, the balance of muscle groups and my improved balance which translates to better posture for the many hours I sit and greatly improved ability to do the many activities I like with my wife, adult kids and friends.

"I can't" is no longer the first thought when seeing the daily workout exercise list. I just show up and the hour goes by quickly, now I look forward to class, something I carved out as a high priority and now my body craves it and I keep improving what I can do.

Six months later, five days a week bootcamp workout and a sensible diet, I've lost 40 lbs and can bear crawl down and back with legs low to the ground, hold a plank for 3+ mins and my toughest one, do several Turkish get-ups with a kettlebell, all in good form. I will fulfill a long time dream of mine to take wind surfing lessons on the Columbia this summer, something those new monkey bars will help me get ready for!