A Life Changing Experience

Submitted by: Staci Fiori

Karen Petersen's Success Story

I was a member of Curves for some time and was doing well but something was missing. Looking back on that now, I believe it was lack of motivation. One day I saw Staci teaching a Zumba class in the Curves facility - she was so upbeat and positive. I eventually grew into one of her "followers".

I started attending her Zumba classes at the rec center. I was disappointed that Curves only offers that one class, so I turned in my membership at Curves and joined the rec center. I owe my fitness to Staci and her focus on the different exercises (classes) that I could attend and better myself. After joining the center I signed up for the 2nd Fitness Challenge. With Staci's help and motivation, I came in 2nd place and was awarded a 3-month pass to the rec center.

I am now into my 2nd week of Fitness Challenge #3 with Staci and doing well. I have since hired her as my personal trainer. I cannot thank her enough for all her help. She knows that I can do anything if I only try. I now have the same confidence in myself. I can do so many different things I thought only younger people could do. I thank you Staci, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me back the life I always wished I had.