A Journey To Change My Life

Submitted by: Mara Hoskin

Zelma's Success Story

Almost one year ago I started my lifetime lifestyle change. My journey started at a gym with alot of unknowns. ...where to start..what to do. .how often to do it. I started with a class that brought attention to my physical deception. My instructor said. I have two rules. .don't cheat and don't die. (In which I thought I was after class) From that moment forward a high bar was set and the personal challenge was on. I had never experienced an instructor so motivated. .educatated. .dedicated and inspirational. MARA made me want to be a better me. .Always with a little extra to put her workout OVER the top. I heard just a few days ago. .it is a compliment to be compared to Mara (and he is right) I have been taken to new heights that I thought was unattainable but now routine.