A Healer & Touched By Her Gift

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Barbara B.'s Success Story

As a fellow Egoscue affiliate, I have learned to have the highest regard for my colleague, Deb Preachuk.

During a telephone conversation one day, she suggested a short menu to get a better femur position. Her logic made such sense that I followed her line of thinking. After two passes, I sensed a tiny shift in my right thigh area and just kept doing the six e-cises for a few weeks.

Then I did a two-hour tower experience and realized the next morning that the stress in the groin, hip flexor and lateral hip area had almost entirely disappeared. Following her menu idea clearly provided my next step in preparing the muscles to move the femur into an even better position than I had ever achieved. I am so grateful for her intuitive and studied knowledge.

She is a healer and I have been touched by her gift.

With gratitude,
Barbara Baker, McKinney, Texas