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Submitted by: Susan MacMullan

's Success Story

The way I like train my clients first and foremost is determining what their goals are, as each individual is going to be different. It’s about frequency, consistency and QUALITY.


I needed structure for my exercise program. Susan MacMullan was able to design a training program that worked into my busy schedule. She also worked with my physical therapist to adopt my exercise program to work with my knees. I feel stronger, healthier. I have lost weight and reduced my bofy fat by 2.6%.
Carol Ann Viebrock

After having by #2 few years ago I found myself struggling to lose 20 -30 excess pounds.
I never felt so out of shape. Getting back to the gym helped, but it wasn’t until I started working out with Susan that I saw significant improvements. Over 4 -5 months I dropped 3.5% body fat and about 15 pounds. The core training workouts she outlined for me have been incredible effective and motivating. I feel much stronger and firmer. Making healthy eating choices has been easier because of the progress I have seen. Thanks Susan.
Barbara Davis

I love working out with Susan MacMullan at Designer Bodies. I remember my first session. I looked around and thought what cool place. Then I saw a friend working out (doing a bunch of really hard-looking ab exercises) and thought “I’ll never be able to do that. Well I was amazed at how much I could do after just a short period of time. Besides being an awesome gym, the trainers are the best of the best. Susan has and is amazing at helping me continue to workout while dealing with central nervous system Lyme disease. I attribute my ability to function as well as I do to Susan’s talent- she knows just how to challenge me and how to tailor my workouts to how I am feeling day to day. Thanks Susan and thanks Designer Bodies for being the best.
Ingrid DeAngelis

I am 60 years old and thought that my athletic days were long gone. Having been an avid outdoors enthusiast (tennis, 2 outward bound courses in mountaineering, white water rafting, hiking, bicycling), I also discovered that Lyme disease also lives “out there”, too. A very painful left knee (starting in 1992) began a long series of Doctors, therapies, and treatments that continue today. And my left knee still hurts.

So a year after knee surgery, (yes, the left one that still hurts), my wife gave me an unusual birthday gift. And yes, that is the big 6-Oh” I mentioned earlier. It was a gift certificate to designer bodies with a trainer that might help the knee. My first thought was “how can that possibly help?” I went because it seems easier than refusing the gift certificate.

Little by little, Susan MacMullan helped me strengthen the disused muscles around the knee. And since the whole body works together there have been levels designed to work everything at once. She often brings movements to muscle failure encouraging higher levels of strength. Since I m very familiar with in many other areas I easily grasped the concept. Although it can be demanding, I am learning how to not over do this. There is a time and place for rest, as well as reasonable diet habits. Like, have I eaten at all today? Would four chocolate bars now make up for not eating“
Excuse me. I digress. My modest goal of being able to ride my bicycle at the Cape was achieved in August. No matter that my son does not want to be seen riding with me. I can ride again.
And then the unthinkable happened- I tried to hit some on the tennis court. No not a geriatric version involving wheeled walkers or such but actual returning and serving with my son. Repeatedly.
Sadly, I can no longer dash back and fourth like I used to, but doing this in any capacity is amazing.
So, it has been a combination of re-educating my muscle memory, as well as learning about limits and how all this stuff works together. All is taught here, by each trainer in an encouraging and professional environment. So, does my knee still hurt? Sometimes it does, and sometimes when it doesn’t I might be on the court, maybe getting humiliated by a 15 year old, but I am still “Out There”.
Bill Campbell