A Dancer's Story

Submitted by: Linda Niazi

Sam's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Linda Semmoud as the best physical trainer I have ever worked with. Working with Linda was such a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the body helped me immensely. I trained as a dancer since the age of three and recently decided to take a hiatus after finishing a college dance program. I hoped working with a trainer would keep me in shape, but in fact it exceeded my expectations. I found myself, after just one week, in better shape than I had been in years.

I saw results very quickly. My body looked and felt different, I was more motivated, and I also had a lot more confidence. I began training, knowing I was going to be moving in a month, however, in just a week I decided to get in as many training sessions as I could before my move. I began training five days a week and while the workouts were very challenging, I always looked forward to going.

I have worked with many different trainers throughout the years, but never receiving the results I did while working with Linda. While it is unfortunate I had to move and stop working with Linda, she has motivated me to continue working out to the level she had me working at. I look forward to returning to San Francisco to continue training with Linda. I cannot thank her enough.

Samantha Silna