A Better Quality of Life

Submitted by: Monte Jones

Marc Luacks's Success Story

"Monte Jones has proven to be my greatest fitness ally. Without him, I’d spend most mornings sleeping in. He genuinely cares about helping me to achieve MY fitness goals and the beauty in that lies with the fact that he knows more about what I’m capable of than I do. I’m often very surprised with what he gets out of me“many times I’m very aware that without him, I would have given up by the 4th rep of the first set instead of sticking it out to the 15th rep of the 3rd set. Monte has the gift of understanding people; their excuses, their self-imposed limitations and their attention span. I’m probably unique in that I don’t like to exercise and I get very bored with the same repetitive stuff. There hasn’t been one time in 7 months where I thought; “oh no, not this boring, repetitive crap again”. Monte keeps it fresh and“.fun. But, not fun in an easy way but fun in a way that keeps me coming back 3 days a week. The more I train with Monte, the more he expects from me and the better I feel. With Monte’s help, I’ve avoided the injuries that have plagued my numerous other gym attempts. I’ve increased my stamina and metabolism, while improving my confidence, physique and overall quality of life. He’s helped me to remain accountable and stopped me from becoming an obstacle to my own self development. Monte is a tremendous motivator and I have great respect and admiration for him. I’m proud to say that he’s become a friend and I feel very fortunate to have him as a personal trainer."