95 year Young Client-Success!

Submitted by: Irma Judith Cocke

Aurine O'Donnell's Success Story

Aurine wanted to be just a little more fit. In 2007, the already active 91year young Aurine is an avid gardner and former owner of her own Cleaners in Long Beach California. Always active throughout her life, Aurine was looking for something to keep her moving so she thought she would try Pilates in my little home studio. She had common complaints like arthritis and that her clothes just didn't fit like they "Used to". four years later, at 2days a week @ 1 1/2 hr sessions with me she says "Pilates is better than a Pill". She is limber, strong, still works in her large garden and most people find it hard to believe that she has been around for 95 years! In November 2009, she fell when she tripped over a bag of fertilizer in her yard. A long story short, a meniscus tear of the knee was the result, she had surgery, had a relatively quick recovery and between Physical Therapy and Pilates, her doctor said her knee was at 120%! She attributes her quick recovery to Pilates because without the strength in the surrounding muscles of the legs and core she feels the tough Physical Therapy sessions would have been unbearable. Aurine is the success story at 95...soon to be 96 in March 2012!