88 year old client

Submitted by: Patrick Adamek

Alan's Success Story

From Alan Axelrod:

I’m 88. My geriatric doctor says I complain too much about not being able to do this or that. He says that I do better than all the 88 year old people he knows. I attribute that to the fact that I go to Pat twice a week and have been for nearly four years. He pushes me hard, but not harder than I can take.

Pat is very resourceful and has helped me in many different areas of health. For example, I told him I had a problem with my bowels and after discussing my eating habits, he made some suggestions. I followed his suggestions and I don't have the problem anymore. Another time, I told Pat I didn’t have enough energy. Again we talked about my eating habits and he told me how it might help if I began to add one scoop of protein powder to my daily diet. I did and I really think it helped. In addition, Pat gave me exercises to do before I get out of bed in the morning. I’ve been doing them religiously every morning since and I walk better as soon as I get up.

He’s a pleasure to work with and to talk to. He’s a good listener.

Alan Axelrod