85 lb. weight loss!

Submitted by: Mary Ann Stark

Linda's Success Story

In April 2008, I decided I needed to lose weight and improve my health. I stepped on the scale and when I saw 236 pounds I realized I had to make changes. I changed my diet and lost 55 pounds. However, I was still unhappy with my body and the physical condition I was in. In January 2009, I signed up for training with Mary Ann Stark. With her guidance and help, I shed an additional 30 pounds. In addition, she helped me tone my body and not just be thin, but be fit and healthy. She motivated me to want to continue to improve. She helped me set fitness goals and made sure I had all the tools and encouragement I needed to reach those goals. My hourly sessions with her were hard work, but she made it fun and exciting to see my progression. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their physical well-being to work with Mary Ann.


Linda Before


Linda After