78 Year old woman and functional training

Submitted by: Josh Ogilvie

Diana's Success Story

I was training a wonderful woman who was 78 years old(chronologically) but as sharp and witty as a whip. In doing some basic functional training with her she noticed that her daily actions and movements became much easier and that she began to feel more energetic and positive during the day (basic short term benefits of exercise).
While all this was great and rewarding she had one moment where the modified lunges we had been working on came into play. She was at a restaurant and tripped over a stub on the ground and was immediately thrown off balance. However, she described it as going into "one of those side lunges" and was able to control herself as she was falling to the side and brought herself back up in a motion very similar to that of the modified lateral lunge.
In our next session after this incident she was super excited to share that story and developed new found enthusiasm for the lower body exercises as she realized just how important functional training became for her.