75 year old female

Anita's Success Story

I am a female seventy-five year old retiree. I finally realized that after taking care of my immediate family and various relatives in need, I had to make time to take care of myself. When I joined a gym I thought I could do everything by myself but soon found I needed help. At first I had a trainer who showed me how to use some of the gym equipment, but that wasn’t enough. I dropped out of the gym for a few months and then decided to ‘try again’. That’s when I found Bill Counts.

At our first meeting Bill had me perform a few physical tasks and then assessed my developmental needs. Next he prepared a written series of exercises for me to learn to do. As we went through those exercises he explained how to set-up and use the gym equipment correctly. His next step was to show me some stretch exercises to relax the muscles I exercise. He is currently preparing a written set of those stretch exercises so I will remember them in his absence.

No one else has ever shown that kind of interest and willingness to take the time to prepare such information for me. Now I feel much more confident that my efforts will more effective when I work out independently between “check-in” sessions with Bill.