71 and stamina of a 40-year-old

Submitted by: Amy Blackburn

Sara's Success Story

I was sick last February with something that just blew the wind right out of my sails,” explains Sara, a nurse, who up until recently had to take a nap every day just to get through the next few hours. “In my profession, I have to spend more time caring for patients than myself.” For Sara, work wasn’t flying by like it used to. “After coming to Core for a free fitness evaluation, I signed up with a trainer, Amy, to see if she could whip me into shape. It took about two months for me to realize the changes my body and mind were going through. I feel like I have the stamina of a 40 year old. I am increasingly improving with the weights, getting a few compliments here and there, and the best part –yesterday was my 71st birthday.