70 years young

Submitted by: Qunoot Sharafi

Carol's Success Story

“Before I meet Qunoot I was a certified couch potato. My past time was sitting and feeling sluggish. I could not go up the stairs without pulling up on the railings. Getting up from the floor was an engineering feat. I would use a chair to help me get up. Walking was a clumsy, awkward experience. I did not expect to be any better for my age (70 years old). Qunoot trained me for 12 weeks, 3 times a week. Also she created a diet to increase my metabolism. It is now one year later. I have kept up with the exercises and diet. Jogging up the stairs is common. I do not even think about getting up from the floor, it just happens. Walking is my favorite pastime. As a bonus I lost 23 pounds.I did not realize how out of shape I was before I started. The condition I am in is beyond my imagination. I am so grateful I had Qunoot as a trainer.”