70 year old female

Mrs. A's Success Story

Bill Counts is an extraordinary physical trainer. He has a broad knowledge of all available gym equipment, its usage and how this familiarity carries over to the fitness program he custom designs for the person involved. He designed a specific program for my wife who is seventy years old. The positive exercise results were gradual and effective without undue muscle soreness and bodily pain. She would continue the training uninterrupted from meeting to meeting.

What impresses me even more than Bill’s professional ability is his interest, patience, good natureness and dedication. He is not a clock watcher and he often added minutes to the scheduled session to finish the exercise completely when it would have been easy to cutoff short. I have observed this in person on several occasion when I waited for my wife with watch in hand.

Bill is a person who converts clients to fast friends while winning the support and respect of his co-workers.