60 Years Strong!

Submitted by: Rebecca Spain

Janet's Success Story

Interview with Janet

Rebecca: First I wanted to say thank you for being here and on your birthday

Janet: Certainly, my pleasure, its good to be here.

Rebecca: And just for being a huge inspiration to me. Its totally been a pleasure to have had one-on-one sessions with you. The first time I met you I was blown away about how specific your goals were. It wasn’t just I want to get stronger or I want to lose weight“.” If you could share one of those goals.

Janet: Yes I wanted to be able to put my luggage on the top rack in the airplane without assistance“ so I wanted to build up my upper body strength so I could put my luggage there.

Rebecca: Do you feel like you have gained enough strength that you would be able to?

Janet: Well I haven’t actually, amazingly, been on a trip since I set that goal. So, But I think I could, I do a lot of things, I am a lot stronger now“. Oh, I can now take my bike on and off the car without any problem. It used to be that I needed help with that or I could kinda lower it and lower it. Now I can just lift it right off.

Rebecca: Awesome! Very cool. So we met for 6-weeks one-on-one twice a week. Personally, I noticed a huge gain in your strength and more importantly in your form and how you do things and you are more aware of engaging certain muscles that we had worked on. Is their anything else that you feel you have gained from our sessions in general? I know I gained a lot of wisdom from our conversations. lol

Janet: Yes, you are very inspirational in your ability to manage so many different things, you’ve got young children, you’ve got a thriving practice, you still set your goals, you’ve got ambitions for yourself and for your family. I find that very inspirational that you are able to, I wouldn’t say juggle, but balance so many different things with a clear focus. You’ve got childcare planned, everything is well thought out in the direction of your goals. And I find that very inspirational. Actually it has helped me a lot with my training, planning out what I want to do, and setting up my own support systems to make that happen.

Rebecca: Well, thank you.

Janet: Your welcome!

Rebecca: Currently, you are doing bootcamp. You were doing it 3x a week, now you do it while you can because we have job issues. And one of your goals was to run a marathon? Was it a marathon?

Janet: Yes, I’m working towards that. Yes, I did a 5-K Sunday. Actually, Today I signed up for Howard County Striders so I continue to do runs. I’m going to do a ½ marathon in January with my daughter-in law. But ultimately I want to train for marathons.

Rebecca: Do you feel more confident at where you are at right now that you’ve built up more endurance?

Janet: Oh, amazing! Yeah yesterday I ran around the lake, Centennial, without stopping which I’ve done in the past but yesterday was effortless. It has never been effortless! Uh, so yes. I feel that I have built up quite a bit of endurance.

Rebecca: Another thing, the 100-push up program! You have just done 100-push ups! How did you do that? What was the commitment you had to make?

Janet: That was 3-days a week and it was a program. What I do is tie it into the bootcamp (except for the days I have to work) and M/W/F I do my pushups and it’s a great program! And it keeps me on track and builds in rest time. Which I learned from you, that recovery is as important as the actual exercise. That was part of my upper body strength commitment to myself.

INTERMISSION- my 3yr old comes up and says he has to use the bathroom. I proceed to tell him to go find a tree. He says he has to make doodoo. I say, can you hold it? Eke(my 3yr old): “no” ...


Rebecca: I just wanted to end on one thing, last words or inspiration. You are 60 years old today and you look awesome! I know you went to the dr and your dr was impressed and was like what are you doing?

Janet: Yes she was amazed. She kept trying to find things wrong with me.

Rebecca: You are 60, you have to have something wrong with you.

Janet: Right! Don’t you know that your own advice works“ you eat well and exercise. lol

Rebecca: So even for someone your age or not your age, can you tell us something that has inspired you or that you can pass on.

Janet: Yes, I think knowing what you want and trying to move in the direction of what you want. My son gave me this“ I don’t know if I told you“ there was this boat that was docked where he lives, it was called “Press on Regardless”. And the little boat, the dingy, that was attached to the yaght was POR, PRESS ON REGARDLESS, and I love that quote and that is how I try to live my life. I never put it so distinctly, but I would say press on regardless. Know what you want and keep on. Things will set you back certainly, we will have set backs like people who need to go poop. Lol. But that doesn’t mean we get derailed. You don’t ever have to be derailed unless you let yourself be.

Rebecca: Awesome! Thank you Janet.

Janet: You are welcome.

Pearls of wisdom. Happy 60th Birthday Janet. You rock 60 well!


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