60 is the new 40........

Velma Hendricks's Success Story

After the age of 40 I was always conscious of what I needed to do to be healthy and made a mindful effort to eat right and exercise. When I retired in 2004 at the age of 56 I joined a gym and was exercising there or at home at least 3 days a week. In 2007, my world fell apart when my 37 year old daughter died with breast cancer at her home while I was at the gym. After that I did not return to the gym and stopped exercising at home. I reached my highest weight of 167 and felt disgusted with myself and knew I had to do something. I slowly started using the treadmill and ellipse machine at home and half heartily watched what I ate. This continued until June 2010 when I went to my doctor for a physical. At that time my weight was 162, blood pressure 140/90 and cholesterol level of 240. He immediately prescribed both blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. What a rude awakening. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 28 years, I knew once you were on these two maintenance medicines it was usually for life. When I went back for my checkup in Sept, I asked my physician if I reduced my weight to 145 in three months could I get off the medicine. His reply was, “sure”. At the end of September I weight 157 and was with a week at a spa. I was eating properly, 45 minutes a day on the treadmill or ellipse. Desperate actions calls for desperate measures. I asked my best friend and fitness partner what else could I do. She suggested I call Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin of Fergie’s Instructional Training. Yvonne is a personal trainer in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. What I loved about Yvonne is that she came to my home and listened to my concerns and frustrations. I started with Yvonne on October 11th, concentrating on strength training three days a week and continuing with my cardio three days a week. By Dec 14th when I returned to my physician I was 145, blood pressure 110/70, cholesterol 140. NO MORE MEDS. At the end of January I reached my personal weight goal of 140.

My fitness routine consists of 40 minutes of strength bearing exercises three times a week and cardio of 20 to 30 minutes 5 to 6 times a week. And I plan to “check in” with Yvonne for an evaluation one week a quarter. You must do more than cardio exercise to burn body fat and change your body composition to “lean and toned”. As far as diet is concerned I try to follow the DASH diet, which emphasizes portion size, eating a variety of foods and getting the right amount of nutrients.


Velma Hendricks Before


Velma Hendricks After