6 Year Old Boy – Angry, Emotional, Breakdowns

Submitted by: Jeff Evenson

Noah's Success Story

Before we took our son (6 years old) to see Jeff, he would cry several times a day, have breakdowns at least once a day, was incredibly emotional and would get angry at the most random things.
And now, at only about 6 weeks in, things are SO much better. He takes vitamins 3 times a day and does really good with them. His attitude is amazing. We can go DAYS without a meltdown or crying. We could never go out to eat or to a store as he would misbehave, run around, etc. Now when we go out, he sits at the table, walks next to us and is just a PURE joy to be around. Jeff has not only helped our son, but helped US to help our son. He was being tested for ADHD and now doesn’t need to. His teachers have noticed a HUGE improvement as well as our friends, family and babysitter. We can NOT thank Jeff enough and we will continue to see Jeff until he is no longer needed.