56 yr old Woman Rockstar!

Marlene's Success Story

Marlene is a Rockstar, honestly it's the best description for her. She and I started working together just to maintain her fitness. She looked great especially for a 54 years old. While we trained together she became 1 of the 10 Fittest employees (male and female) of Boise City. This includes Fire and Police.
When the new year of 2008 came around she brought me a photo of Dana Torres and said she wanted to look as close to her as possible. I thought it was an awesome idea and said let's do it!
We changed her workouts, cardio and nutrition and with her dedication and hard work ethic within 13 weeks her transformation was unreal. She looked amazing!! She then decided to pursue a body building show in May of 2010. I had taken her as far as I felt I could, so I then introduced her to another trainer that had won the overall mens show in September of 2009. Marlene placed 4th in her first show. Again, her dedication and work ethic would inspire anyone and she makes me to always want to better even myself!
Like I said, she is a ROCKSTAR!
Her after pic is taken 13 weeks after her before.


Marlene Before


Marlene After

Alexandria Danilovitch

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