53 Year Old Woman Cycles and Climbs Mountains

Submitted by: Maria Faires

Marcia's Success Story

I am an avid cyclist and have ridden many miles in the US and the European Alps and Pyrenees for the past thirteen years. I was experiencing severe back pain and sought out Maria as a trainer because I was impressed with her extensive clinical credentials and her appearance.

When we began she did a thorough assessment and she said my lower body was strong from cycling, but I seriously needed to work on my upper body and needed to strengthen my core.

The back pain I was experiencing before meeting with her was gone in a few days after starting the workouts and has never returned. I have been training with Maria twice a week for almost 6 years year now and due to her workout regimen, I have had the strongest cycling seasons ever. I have lost weight, and my upper body and core are the strongest they have ever been. Maria has been with me to the summits of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.

Maria is always energetic, upbeat and always has the latest news and information to keep her people in the best shape physically and nutritionally. Due to the fact that she is constantly researching topics, she puts together the most interesting workouts of anyone I have ever worked out with. I am so impressed with Maria’s training routines.

-Marcia R