52 year old Husband and Wife Get fit

Submitted by: Maria Faires

Marc's Success Story

My wife and I have been seeing Maria for a short 9 weeks and can't believe the results we have experienced! Before starting to workout with Maria, I (Marc) had been diagnosed with High Blood pressure and was having chronic back pain. The combination of nutrition and exercise have lowered my blood pressure to "excellent" range and I'm no longer having the back pain that had plagued me for months.
The cost of her services has been well worth the health benefits we have experienced. We have enjoyed Maria's professional approach and encouraging ways! Thanks Maria. You're the best!

-Marc and Sallie, ages 52

NOTES FROM MARIA: In 9 weeks, Marc lost 11 pounds, 9 inches and 7% body fat. Before working with me, his blood pressure averaged 158/94. With exercise and my recommended eating plan it is now 119/59 without medication. Sallie lost 6.8 pounds, 6 inches and 3% body fat. And can fit into the sexy little black dress she didn’t think she’d ever get into again! I'm proud of both of you!