Submitted by: Diana Salom

Rachel's Success Story

When I started training with Diana. I could no longer fit into my size 16 jeans. I was suffering from high blood pressure, poor circulation and joint pain. Miserable would best describe both my mental and physical state. I knew that it was time for me to make a permanent change
During my initial weigh in Diana asked me what size did I want to be and I boldly replied “10”. Honestly, I don’t think I believed it could happen but Diana knew it could and she quickly convinced me of it as well.
In months my energy level had increased, stress level decreased, my health improved and I looked and felt better than I have in years. In 7 months I went from an unhealthy, unhappy size 16 to a confident, rejuvenated size 10. Yes size 10!
Diana, thanks for giving me the tools I needed to get started on my journey to a happier, healthier, thinner me.


Rachel Before


Rachel After