440lb Former Pro-Athlete Drops 100+lbs.

Submitted by: Ariela Coles

Nick's Success Story

"I started out with Ariela in March 2011 weighing in at about 440 pounds with a pant size 56. I am a former AWA pro wrestling tag team champion, that being said, my body is in pretty bad shape.

I have complex neck and back problems, knee problems, shoulder problems, and many other injuries, which I suffered throughout my career. I am not the easiest client to train, but Ariela has to impromptu-train to accommodate for certain exercises that I can't do.

When first signing up, for a trainer I was very skeptical. I have been gym rat my whole life and I have watched some of these "Drill Sargeants" scream and yell for "MOTIVATIONAL" tactics, such that wouldn't work with me. Ariela is just like having a workout partner-friend, but don't let the personality deceive you. She will work you hard!

At my last weigh-in on May 8 ,2011, I weighed in at 388, which was a big accomplishment. My overall goal is to reach 250 and short term, I hope to reach 325 by the end the September. Ariela is the Trainer for the job."